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So, you’re paying all this money, and what do you get for it?
Well, our contracts will specify the exact nature of the band eg is it a 4 piece or 5 piece etc. It will state the band by name, the date, time & place of the function, along with any special requests that you might have in terms of music. The artists will normally perform either 3 x 40 minutes sets or 2 x 60 minutes for the agreed price.  Any variance to this will need to be negotiated in advance and agreed by all parties.
You (or your venue) will need to provide a suitable power supply for the occasion.
The Band will need to be provided with food & soft drinks.
There may be an additional fee for travelling depending on the distance from the band’s “HomeTown” to the location of venue (as measured by us using Google maps). There is a sliding scale for these charges which is available upon request.