What is search engine optimisation

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation; it’s the process of getting targeted traffic to a website through organic search engine rankings.

How search engine optimisation UK works

Let us learn how search engines like Google work. For example, when you search for something from Google, an algorithm works in order to bring you what the search engine considers the best result. Google and other search engines have a crawler that gathers information about the contents they can find on the internet; they bring back the 0’s and 1’s to the search engine to build an index. The index is then fed through an algorithm that matches all the data with your query.

SEO factors:

1. On page SEO, these are the things one can influence from their actual websites; the factors include the technical aspects which deal with the quality of the code and site speed and related aspects, i.e., your website’s structure. This factor makes sure that Google can find your pages and show them in the search results.

2. Off-page SEO, we have the off-page factors which include links from other social media and marketing activities outside the website; the off-page factors are difficult to influence. The important thing about it is the number and quality links pointing towards your site.

Types of SEO services UK

1. Black hat. It is a set of unethical practices in order to improve website rankings in the search engine results page.

2. White hat.

It’s a set of ethical techniques that stick to the rules and guidelines. This white hat SEO UK has three essential parts that are:

• Link building

• Quality and relevant content.

• Overall website optimization.

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